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Why choose Emiral Media?

website-profesionalBecause we offer:

  • quick activation;
  • safe payment (by proforma) and safe stored data
  • direct administration through the client account;
  • high-quality support;
  • access to traffic metering solutions;
  • webmail interface;
  • web antivirus;
  • antispam solutions;
  • online file manager;
  • the guarantee that your website is hosted on hardware that can promptly and securely bring it to the world.
  • regularly checking of the functionality of the website;
  • changing the website design and the functionality so that the website can be compatible with the latest versions of the web browsers;
  • updating or changing  the content of the web pages (text, images or multimedia);
  • setting, administrating and checking the e-mail accounts;
  • administrating the databases and optimizing them;
  • running a regular data saving or backup procedure;
  • monitoring the website traffic;
  • checking the indexing done by the search engines, the page rank, the links (IBL);
  • generating reports  about the number of visits, pages and most-searched-for keywords;
  • writing and sending regular newsletters to customers.

Company Purpose

Emiral Media is a customer-oriented company that provides high class services in web design and marketing consultancy. Our focus is always on the customer, we serve a customer-centric philosophy. This philosophy is part of our culture.

Our purpose is to have a win-win situation at the end of the day.



"At Emiral Media I found exactly what I was looking for: lots of creativity, availability and, more than that, inspiration. I wish to have a long-term partnership with Emiral Media, to grow together."
Gabi Blanaru -

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